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  • I had intended to take a short sabbatical from lutherie but have put those plans on hold. I recently restructured my build list and was able to create a window for five new commissions in the first half of 2018. One build spot remains.
  • My waiting list is presently closed since my build schedule is occupied until late 2020 or early 2021.
  • My waiting list will reopen in mid-2018 and I will begin taking deposits for future builds.
  • Please note that my guitars will occasionally be available through my dealer network. I will post a notice here on my site when I have something available.

  • For the first time in a few years, I managed to build a couple guitars to send to my dealer network. A Sitka | Brazilian RW guitar was sent to Luthier’s Collection and an Engelmann | Ebony guitar was sent to The Acoustic Music Co. in England. Feel free to contact me regarding these builds but purchasing should be arranged via the dealer.

2017 CITES II Rosewood Regulations

  • Rosewood and Bubinga now require paperwork to import and export. The Rosewood species include Cocobolo, Brazilian Kingwood, and African Blackwood. All the Rosewood sets in my inventory were purchased before 2017 and are eligible for export permits.

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