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July 2015
I am now accepting commissioned work for mid-2016 and beyond. Also, the “Recent Work” gallery page has been updated.

July 2015

I have reworked my pricing structure. The base price is a fraction higher but the soundboard options are noticeably more affordable. With the new price list, commissions for non-Sitka top guitars will actually be about $100 to $200 cheaper than with my previous price list.

Why Did I Restructure the Price List?
For those familiar with my work, you may be aware of my “no runout” policy for soundboards and the great expense this adds to sourcing tops. To account for the additional cost, I simply listed non-Sitka top options for more than is typically charged by the rest of the industry. Unfortunately, this difference made price comparisons harder and also might have given the impression of price gouging for certain options. I’d rather avoid those scenarios and just build the additional cost of sourcing “no runout” tops into my base price. Long story short, the price list may look different but the cost of my instruments has not changed since mid-2014. Based on my current trajectory, I plan on keeping my prices where they are for the next 2 to 3 years. Depending on the wait list I have at that time, I will likely raise my base price somewhere in the $8,500 to $10,000 range.

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