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I had just received my bachelor’s in biochemistry and was working in preparation for grad school when I got this crazy idea. Despite my family's rather accurate observation that my motor skills could be likened to a bull in a china shop, I bought some wood and embarked on my new adventure. I had some friends over a couple years after I started building and upon showing them my very first instrument, one of them remarked, "I'm amazed you kept building." -- a fair statement considering how impressively bad it was. Nevertheless, the completion of that first guitar was a pivotal moment for me as lutherie has since become a major part of my life. Looking back, I realize that I have always been driven to learn and create, which I suppose is why I love guitar building so much. It is a great expression of spontaneous creativity and purposed design. It is both intellectual and hands-on. And it is more than just fine woodworking because it is a blending of those skills with the mediums of art and music. In summary, I have found few things more satisfying than stringing up a guitar for the first time - knowing that all my hard work will be passed on to another to be used as a springboard for their own passion and creativity.

Simon Fay
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