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Customer Documents
Order Form — This document should be filled out before the build process begins.
Care & Maintenance — This document provides instructions on proper instrument care and maintenance.

Deposit and Payment
A $1,500 non-refundable deposit is due to secure a place on the build schedule and locks in your order at the current price. Full payment is due before the guitar is shipped. Several months prior to construction, we will begin to finalize your wood choices, options, and specifications. If you have any questions about the ordering process or the warranty, please contact me by phone so that I can discuss the details of my policy with you. Check payments should be sent to the following address:


Build Schedule
I do my best to adhere to a schedule but it is the nature of this business to occasionally have unpredictable delays. For this reason, schedules and deadlines are always subject to change. If there is going to be a significant delay (9 months or more) from what was specified at the time of deposit, I will give you the option of withdrawing your deposit/commission. Once begun, the entire build process takes approximately 4 months.

Refund Policy
For commissioned instruments, I offer a 1 week trial period to make sure the instrument meets expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the guitar for a full refund (excluding shipping costs) once the instrument has been sold to another client. I also give the option to receive an immediate refund minus the shipping costs and your $1,500 deposit. Any damage to the guitar will result in a refund decrease equivalent to the repair costs and devaluation of the instrument. My refund policy does not apply to guitars that are customized in such a way that would exclude most potential buyers; however, I will notify you before the build process begins if such restrictions will apply to your guitar.

Non-commissioned guitars are eligible for an immediate refund minus the shipping costs. Guitars sold through an instrument dealer are subject to the dealer’s return/refund policy.

Shipping and Insurance
I arrange for shipping but customers are responsible for any associated shipping costs. For American clients, I find USPS is the best method for shipping guitars. For international clients, I use FedEx Great Rates program and it is not uncommon to get up to a 85% discount. For example, a $1,000 3-Day Priority shipping service to China might only cost $150.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Each instrument comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects in materials or original workmanship. The warranty is effective for as long as Simon Fay Guitars is in active operation. Upon notice of any defect, Simon Fay Guitars will either repair or replace, at their discretion, the defective part or material. The original owner shall assume and pay the cost of all shipping charges or postage. Any unauthorized repairs or alterations will void the warranty. Exceptions to this warranty include:

  • Normal and expected wear
  • Damage from accident, abuse, or neglect
  • Damage from extreme temperatures (outside the range of 40°F - 100°F)
  • Damage from exposure to improper relative humidity (outside the range of 35% - 55%)
  • Cases, tuners, and any pickups/electronics (these items are warranted by the manufacturer)

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